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Edam DoweDannielle – Stop Looking. This Team is Phenomenal!


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Edam DoweDannielle – Stop Looking. This Team is Phenomenal!

I can’t say enough about our DJ! Steve, from the beginning, was extremely professional and very knowledgable about his craft. He assured me and my now-husband that we would be in the best of hands. We questioned the need for two DJ’s at first, but he as so gentle in providing us guidance on this and that having the right amount of team members was to our benefit. Yep! I’m so glad we listened. Adriana, I believe the office manager, was so patient with me. I mean… not only did we call them late, but I gave her the itinerary late and asked her for a photo booth two days before the wedding. AMAZING!

Russell was our DJ for the ceremony – Killed it! Our music was simple, but he had the timing down perfect. He showed up on time, dressed professionally, and connected with my husband before the ceremony to make sure the timing was down packed. He made such an impression on our guests that one asked for his information (and this gentleman was a big wig in the area, so he is not easily impressed). At the reception, Russel stood in as our photo booth attendant because of that last-minute request. Thank you so much Russell

Our reception DJ. Again – Nailed it. We didn’t really have a list of songs to play. Whatever the crowd was feeling, go for it. We had our sorority (Zeta Phi Beta) and Fraternity (Phi Beta Sigma) dance. Those were great. Our family danced the ENTIRE night. The only time they left the dance floor was for our deep dish skill cookies ( we didn’t want a cake) and the last call for alcohol. The venue had to literally kick us out. Wow! We had SOO MUCH FUN.

Thank you to the entire team for making our night!